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IT skills shortage in Australia

April 30, 2008

I’ve read an article in IT Australian “Going global in search of scarce skills” and what I think about it that it’s not an IT professionals’ shortage, it’s more high-skilled low-paid IT professionals’ shortage.

There definitely is some lack of IT specialists in Sydney, but also there are lots of high-skilled specialists in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane who cannot find a good job. The question is why don’t they move to Sydney?

Maybe it’s because of the stress in a big city. Maybe it’s because of relocation costs. Maybe the people don’t want to leave their families and friends.

I understand people who don’t want to relocate to Sydney. I don’t understand companies who pay huge money to get an IT pro from overseas only to see him leaving for better salary after a year or less. Companies never pay imported IT pros salary equivalent to locals because they already invested crazy dollars into their relocation.

Why don’t that big IT companies open branches in cities other then Sydney? There are plenty of IT professionals there, believe me.

eXtreme Refactoring

April 11, 2008

There are lots of badly designed information systems crying for refactoring. But big bosses don’t want to spend money and time for it because of uncertain result. Refactoring needs a methodology clearly answering two questions:

1. Does it worth to perform the refactoring at all?


2. How much does it take (efforts, resources, etc.) ?

The methodology (or framework) should be as efficient and measurable as Agile for Software Development. Here is a link to the immortal article of Brian Button “Extreme” Refactoring — The Video Store Revisited