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Functionally complete

August 15, 2008

Functionally complete system is the one that covers all necessary operations for some activity.

Functionally complete system is the only one that allows you creating scalable software and not turn support into nightmare.

You need qualitative tertiary education to design functionally complete systems.

Why I like working for small companies

August 15, 2008

I like working for small companies because I love the dynamic environment there. Also can have there personalized relations, faster feedback and easy access to the one who makes the decisions.
In big company, manager is not interested in innovations and success, because it means changes for his cozy workplace. His salary is fixed and indexed, his bonus depends on how good he is in reporting. He has no any single reason for allowing me doing things in a better way, my way.
In small company, owner is interested in success a bit more. Sometimes he can be interested in success so much that even can take some risk hiring me 🙂