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10 Cool Linux Shell Tricks

August 9, 2018

An extract from this article:

1. Send Output and Errors
command &> file

2. Parallelize Your Loops
for HOST in $(< ListOfHosts); do ssh $HOST ’sudo apt-get update’ & done

3. Catch Memory Leaks By Using Top via Cron
crontab – <<< ‘*/15 * * * * top -n 1 -b’

4. Stdin directly from the command line

5. Set a Random Initial Password, That Must be Changed
umask u=rw,go=
openssl rand -base64 6 | tee -a PasswordFile | passwd –stdin joe
chage -d 0 joe

6. Add Your Public Key to Remote Machines
ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/ hostname

7. Extract an RPM without any additional software
rpm -ivh –root /tmp/deleteme –nodeps –noscripts package.rpm

8. See How a File Has Changed from Factory Defaults
dpkg -S /etc/foo/foo.conf
rpm -qf /etc/foo/foo.conf
diff /etc/foo/foo.conf /tmp/deleteme/etc/foo/foo.conf

9. Undo Your Network Screwups After You’ve Lost the Connection
at now + 5 minutes <<< ‘cp /etc/ssh/sshd_config.old /etc/ssh/sshd_config; service sshd restart’

10. Check if SSH Port is Open
nc -w 3 server 22 ssh <<< ''

Multi hop SSH tunnel

August 6, 2018

There is a private API endpoint listening to port 9999 accessible from EC2 in a private subnet on AWS. Private subnet is accessible from a bastion host which is in a Public subnet and has a Public IP. Both hosts have different keipairs.

The task is to enable developers call API endpoint from their workstations.

Open local port forwarding:

ssh -vtA -i ec2.pem  -L9999:apiendpointIP:9999 ubuntu@ec2IP \
 -o 'ProxyCommand = ssh -vtA -i bastionhost.pem -L9999:localhost:9999 \
 ubuntu@bastionhostIP -W ec2IP:22'

Now developers can access the API endpoint:


The next step is to create a limited user and chroot it to jail.