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Java and Big Data

March 22, 2016

Recently I came across an interesting question at Quora. Someone was asking which is better to learn as a fresher, Java or Big Data. Most of the answers were about comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges, which really makes perfect sense but doesn’t help the inquirer.

Over my 10+ years of experience with Java, I used it across many platforms and domains and believe there are many more applications of it I can not even imagine. On the other hand, Big Data is promising and fancy. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to have it all and learn them both.

I think the question is more about how soon you can earn money with your knowledge. I believe, earning money in IT doesn’t differ much from any other R&D industry: first you invest your time and your mind, as much as you can, and then convince an employer to pay you rather than your competitors.

Talking about competition, Java as a buzzword is much older than Big Data. There are crowds of people having Java in their resumes for 10-15 years and, what’s more important, deep and extensive experience with it. Alternatively, I personally know few people with a PhD degree in Big Data whom I wouldn’t dare to compete with. Luckily, they are not looking for a job, because they are booked out for few years ahead with sophisticated projects for banks, insurers and government.

So my opinion is, to be able to do the job in these days – study them both and a platform like Hadoop as well. But put the Big Data first in your resume.